A letter from our president

Dear Friends:
The Dr. L.C. Carter Foundation was established April 26, 2017 by a group of individuals dedicated to continue the legacy of a great man.  The Foundation is a Nonprofit Corporation registered with the Secretary of State, Austin, TX.  Dr. Carter was born and raised in Fort Worth, TX.  After 40 years in Los Angeles, CA he moved with his family way to Houston, TX.  He was a beloved Pastor, Husband, Father, Grand-father, Brother, Friend, Mentor and Counselor.  He passed away May 31, 2013.   As the President of the foundation, and widow of Dr. L.C. Carter, I am proud to introduce The Dr. L.C. Carter Foundation.
The purpose of the foundation is to distribute funds for public charitable purposes, principally for support, encouragement, and assistance in education, arts and culture, and community service.  The specific objectives include, providing funding to further education through individual scholarship, sponsorships, and strategic partnerships. The Dr. L.C. Carter Foundation plans to provide funding to other Nonprofits that provide assistance through basic services that improve the standard of living for families globally. Dr. Carter was a community activist, fighting for rights of all people, especially the most vulnerable segments of the population, children and the elderly.  He personally collected clothes, shoes, toys, and much needed resources for needy children and adults all year around, aiming to improve their quality of life. 
How can you help?  I encourage you to think about the lives that will be changed as a result of the foundation’s programs designed to make a difference.  You can help us by considering making a future investment in this foundation.  If you would like to receive more information, please do not hesitate to contact us

Mrs. Olivia F Carter, President