The Dr.L.C Carter Foundation

The Dr. L.C. Carter Foundation is a public charity founded April 26, 2017, by Mrs. Olivia F. Carter, widow of Dr. L.C. Carter. The Dr. L.C. Carter Foundation is committed to developing a brighter future for millions of children and adults globally susceptible to poor educational, economic, social and health obstacles. We believe building a culture of creative people, and influential networks encourages a more abundant, peace-filled existence for us all. 

We are committed to strategically investing resources into communities by way of grants, scholarships, sponsorships, and strategic project funding of individuals and organizations. Our objective is to leverage these grant opportunities by partnering with like-minded supporters to achieve measurable outcomes in the immediate and/or long-term future. We currently focus on high impact investments in three principal areas within the United States and abroad: 1) Education 2) Arts & Culture and 3) Community Service. As opportunities emerge, the foundation will provide funding in other areas of interest. In each of our program areas, we aim to inspire and empower communities to uplift each other to achieve more together than could be achieved separately.

Our focus areas offer the opportunity to radically improve the quality of life for many people. We seek to continuously build relationships that bring together diverse resources, expertise, and vision to identify the problems, find the solutions, and impact change around the world.

Our mission is as simple as ABC: The Dr. L.C. Carter Foundation mission is to ADVANCE educational provision of those with a designated need, BROADEN vocational awareness for underprivileged individuals, and CREATE opportunities to explore lifelong learning.

Our vision is to develop a source of funding for opportunities for those who need us most.