The Dr. L.C. Carter Foundation mission is to ADVANCE educational provision of those with a designated need, 

BROADEN vocational awareness for underprivileged individuals, and CREATE opportunities to explore lifelong learning.


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We are committed to strategically investing resources into low-to-moderate income communities by way of grants, scholarships, sponsorships, and strategic project funding. We focus on high impact investments in three principal areas within the United States and abroad:  Education, Arts & Culture and  Community Service



Our focus is to advance educational initiatives for children, youth, and adults through providing support, resources, and access to programs furthering the pursuit of degrees, certifications, and career advancement.  Our goal is to remove physical, mental, and financial barriers to increase student’s outlook and ability to achieve seamless transitions into career fields of their passion.  We target our unique events, partnering programs, and scholarship/grant opportunities to cultivate generations of professionals prepared to deliver proficient, productive, and profitable outcomes in the workforce and community.

Beginning 2018, the Board decided to specifically concentrate the majority of its educational efforts in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) programs with an emphasis in Aviation and Aerospace. We feel a personal mandate to expose children and youth to quality STEM learning opportunities that will help them explore their passion and catalyst their careers. 

Southeast Texas celebrated with a special tribute to education and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Please see this news feature from the CW 39 Houston television station at the link below. The feature commemorated this very special event that was held at the Lone Star Flight Museum, a Dr. L.C. Carter Foundation Strategic Partner 2018. 

Free admission for all children courtesy of the Dr. L.C. Carter Foundation at the Lone Star Flight Museum for the M.L.K. Jr. Holiday



The fullness and richness in life is alive, visible, and enjoyed when we're able to partake in and share our culture and art. We introduce outsiders to new forms of art and culture while providing exceptional community building when we bring out seasoned professionals, young adults or the youth to a variety of events to broaden our minds and compassion.



Throughout life and at every stage we all take strength from different places and different people to help us in a variety of times. No matter how difficult, challenging and uncertain a situation or phase in life may seem the community we live in can be an extraordinary source of support. We take a holistic approach to make all of the people we serve aware of their community and appropriate ways to give and receive.


Good Deeds, Going Further.